Indonesian comatose sailor brought ashore for treatment Society

Indonesian comatose sailor brought ashore for treatment

Vietnam’s maritime search and rescue force on December 21 successfully brought an Indonesia sailor with coma and cerebral haemorrhage onboard a Greek vessel to a health station in the central province of Khanh Hoa for treatment.
Stranded foreign ship towed ashore Society

Stranded foreign ship towed ashore

A foreign vessel stranded in the waters off Binh Thuan province has been towed ashore, according to the provincial Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control on July 2.
Vietnam rescues distressed Philippine at sea Society

Vietnam rescues distressed Philippine at sea

A Philippine citizen who fell serious ill on the Liberian flagged ship Nave Cetus, about 215 nautical miles off southern Vung Tau city, was safely taken ashore and given treatment on August 11.

Local shipping firms effectively tap domestic routes

Local shipping firms have effectively tapped domestic market, the Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) reported on April 16. In an effort to address the redundancy of Vietnamese container ships, in late March 2013 the Ministry of Transport (MoT) released Document 128/TB-BGTVT to stop 20 foreign flag-carrying ships capable of carrying 500,000 dead weight tonnage (DWT) from operating on domestic routes.

Ten Vietnamese fishermen in Thai custody

The Foreign Ministry of Thailand has officially confirmed that 10 crew members of fishing vessel CM 99219 TS which sank in the Gulf of Thailand earlier this month were arrested by a Royal Thai naval ship.

15 sailors rescued off Bac Lieu coast

Fifteen crew members were rescued after their fishing boat was struck by a foreign vessel about 300km east of Bac Lieu Province early Jan. 8 morning, according to the Vietnam Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC).