PM instructs thrift practice, anti wastefulness in SOEs

The Prime Minister has asked ministries, branches, localities, economic groups and State-owned enterprises (SOEs) to strengthen thrift practice and prevent wastefulness in the management, exploration of natural resources, capital, asset and labour in SOEs.
Vietnam turns sci-tech into key driving force Sci-Tech

Vietnam turns sci-tech into key driving force

Vietnam will turn science-technology into the most important driving force to develop modern productive forces and the knowledge-based economy, thus making its economic competitiveness sharper while protecting the environment and ensuring national security and defence.
PM: Anti-corruption a core task Politics

PM: Anti-corruption a core task

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has said all ministries, agencies and localities must consider corruption prevention and detection their central, regular and uninterrupted task.

WTO membership boosts global integration

Five years after the country became a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the annual value of Vietnam ’s imports-exports has risen to 1.5 times more than its GDP thanks to a boom in exports.

Call to get tough on corruption, waste

Party leaders attending a two-day national meeting on reviewing the inspection and supervision tasks of Party members and organisations called for strict punishments to be meted out against those indulging in corrupt and wasteful acts.
Leaders show care to democracy Politics

Leaders show care to democracy

The presence of two top leaders and chief of the nation’s largest mass organisation at a national conference of people’s committees and people’s councils has demonstrated the administration’s care to public involvement to State management.

CPV seeks enhanced ties with United Russia party

The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) maintains a policy of enhancing its ties with the United Russia (ER) party to help strengthen and further develop traditional friendship and all-sided, trustful and mutually beneficial cooperation between Vietnam and Russia, a CPV senior official said at the ER’s 11 th congress.