Indonesia continues to return imported waste World

Indonesia continues to return imported waste

Indonesia has returned seven shipping containers of illegally imported waste to France and Hong Kong, said the country’s authorities on July 30, marking the latest move by a Southeast Asian nation to send back rubbish to their places of origin.

German scholar speaks about ‘China dream’ in East Sea

Dr Gerhard Will from the Berlin-based German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) has warned that China will find it difficult to realise its so-called “China dream” because the scheme contradicts its basic interests in the region.

Argentina set to further facilitate trade with Vietnam

In an interview with Vietnam Economic News, Argentine Ambassador to Vietnam Claudio Ricardo Gutierrez said that the Argentine Government was eager to further facilitate trade between Argentina and Vietnam. In the near future, as soon as the relevant authorities of both countries conclude their negotiations, Vietnamese seafood will gain access to the Argentine market.