Year-end sees labour shortage Society

Year-end sees labour shortage

The final month of the lunar year sees a seasonal employment surge, however, the number of job seekers decline, making it difficult for enterprises to handle the trade of the upcoming Tet holidays.
HCM City seeks to fill job vacancies Society

HCM City seeks to fill job vacancies

There will be 270,000 jobs available in HCM City next year, half of them new ones, the city's Human Resource Forecast and Labour Market Information Centre has reported.
RoK –Vietnam job fair opens in HCM City Business

RoK –Vietnam job fair opens in HCM City

Forty-six Republic of Korea (RoK) firms in manufacturing, logistics, trading, IT, finance and other industries are taking part in a Korea-Vietnam job fair that opened on December 4 in HCM City.
Disabled people face up-hill battle for jobs Society

Disabled people face up-hill battle for jobs

Around one third of the 7 million people living with disabilities in Vietnam needed vocational training and employment, but faced obstacles such as transportation and inadequate support from employers, social welfare officials have said.

Insufficient labour supply in Dong Nai province

The southern province of Dong Nai is experiencing labour shortages with only 3,000 people seeking employment at the 84 th job fair, below the demand for 3,200 labourers for the 44 enterprises at the event.

RoK-Vietnam job fair kicks off in HCM City

The Korea-Vietnam Job Fair for Global Talents 2014 opened on December 5 in Ho Chi Minh City , offering a good chance for Vietnamese youths to seek suitable jobs and for Republic of Korea (RoK) businesses to access high-quality labour force.

RoK-funded project improves training for women

The outcomes of a Republic of Korea (RoK)–funded project on improving the capacity of vocational training centres for women were reviewed at a conference in northern Thai Binh province on December 3.