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Co Tu community preserves ancient culture

Approximately five kilometres off the centre of Tay Giang district, the Porning village which has a population of 500, still preserves the traditional culture, arts and customs of their ancestors. In fact, even some of the practices in their community are based on the past rituals of their forefathers.
Echoes from Shangri-La Dialogue Politics

Echoes from Shangri-La Dialogue

It is impossible for anyone in the 21st century to bring “swords and knives” to others’ houses and do everything he wants, Deputy Defence Minister Sen. Lieut. Gen. Nguyen Chi Vinh has said.

In his interview to the Vietnam News Agency after coming back from the freshly-ended 13 th Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, Vinh further said that there were two major issues raised at the dialogue, namely negative signs of regional security and the behaviours of some countries getting off the track of the common moral standards and flow of the era.

Countryside inventor milks coconut success

Growing demand for coconuts pushed a co-operative leader in the Mekong delta province of Ben Tre to invent a machine that can break open the thick-shelled fruit in far less time than the standard method.

Thai handicrafts promoted in international markets

The SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Center of Thailand (SACICT) has launched the “Capital of Arts & Crafts” campaign with the purpose of expanding the Thai handicraft market to foreign countries.