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Filmmakers salute Hanoi anniversary

Filmmakers inspired by the country’ glorious past are making several historical movies and TV series scheduled for showing this year to celebrate the 1,000 th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi.

Hungarian books showcased at Hanoi Library

Local residents now have the opportunity to read and buy widely known novels by Hungarian writers during the four-day event celebrating Hungarian literature that opened at the Hanoi Library on Jan. 6.

ASEAN talks information cooperation with China, Japan, RoK

ASEAN information ministers have emphasised the necessity to boost and expand information cooperation within the group and with the group’s dialogue partners - China , Japan and the Republic of Korea in order to promote mutual understanding.
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Vietnamese film to hit Venice

The film Choi Voi (Lonely) will compete in the 66 th Venice Film Festival in early September, the first Vietnamese film to compete in the world’s oldest film, festival.