Credit growth rises in two largest cities

Total outstanding loans this month of Hanoi-based credit institutions are estimated to inch up 0.5 percent to nearly 927 trillion VND (43.52 billion USD), according to the Hanoi Statistics Office.
Soft loans help boost agricultural productivity Business

Soft loans help boost agricultural productivity

Financing for agricultural and rural development with a reasonable loan period and low interest rates has proven effective in ensuring the efficiency of agricultural production and increasing profits for farmers, the Nhan Dan (People) online newspaper reported.

Sacombank shareholders greenlight merger

Sacombank shareholders has agreed to the bank's plan to merge with Southern Bank which will be implemented this year if the feasibility study is approved by the authority and shareholders.

Stimulus package gets new tune-up

The Vietnamese government’s continued support of stimulus packages for the property sector is expected to offer more hope to property firms and buyers this year as the market begins its early-year recovery, the Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) reported.

Bad debts reduced to 3.79 percent

Bad debts in Vietnam’s entire banking system was 3.79 percent of the outstanding loans at the end of 2013, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) said on January 21.
Interbank rate sees year-end increase Business

Interbank rate sees year-end increase

High capital demand from commercial banks raised the borrowing interest rates in the interbank market in the last week of 2013, the central bank's statistics showed.

Positive signs for banking sector in 2014

Encouraging movements in business activities, bank services, liquidity, credit and capital mobilisation in the banking system in the fourth quarter of 2013 signal a brighter 2014 for the sector.

Banks stand fast on quality of credit

Banks are holding firm on their decision not to lend to unreliable creditors despite modest credit growth and the year coming to a close. Vietnam Investment Review reports.