SciTech events to be held at first APEC SOM Sci-Tech

SciTech events to be held at first APEC SOM

A number of science and technology events will be held during the first Senior Officials’ Meeting of APEC (SOM-1) in Nha Trang city, in the south central province of Khanh Hoa, on February 18-21.

Australian scientist shares strategies on dengue elimination

Professor Scott O’Neill, who is the leader of the “Global Eliminate Dengue Research Programme” and Dean of Science Faculty at Monash University (Australia), chaired a roundtable and gave a lecture on dengue elimination at the Hanoi Medical University on June 11.

Japanese technology offers huge cut in travel time

By 2035 Vietnam is likely to have a high-speed train line using Japan’s Shinkansen technology to reduce the time for trans-national rail travel to just 5.30 hours--nearly one sixth of the current time of 31 hours.