HCM City lights up streets for Tet

Nguyen Hue Boulevard in downtown HCM City will be transformed into a street of flowers for the country’s biggest holiday, Tet (Lunar New Year).
World's top ten events in 2009 World

World's top ten events in 2009

The world economy started to recover. Despite not having completely escaped from the recession, the global economy has shown signs of recovery after plunging down for two consecutive years.

Village’s mysterious mask dances intrigue

Performers of Xuan Pha Dance wear painted masks and don strange costumes while they sing and dance, and sometimes howl, causing viewers to feel as if they are in some kind of wonderland.

Poachers threaten rare species

Illegal hunting and trading of wildlife are increasing at an alarming rate, posing a serious threat to rare and endangered species, conservationists have said.