Located 60km from Hanoi, Tam Chuc Spiritual Tourism Complex in Ha Nam province is expected to be the largest project in Vietnam once construction is completed. Within the complex is Tam Chuc Pagoda, where possesses many rare and precious treasures of the world.

The largest building in the Tam Chuc Pagoda complex is Tam The Hall.

Stepping through the intricate carved wooden doors, visitors can admire the three colossal Buddha statues representing the past, present and future. These Buddha statues are made of black bronze surrounded by giant bodhi leaves adorned with delicate and elaborate carvings.

The most sophisticated architectural feature in Tam The Hall is its 12,000 murals. This is the first hall to have its entire wall decorated with delicately carved stone pictures depicting the legend of Buddha’s life.

These special murals were carved into volcanic rocks in Indonesia, transferred to Vietnam then carefully and meticulously assembled by the talented hands of highly skilled craftsmen./.