Tan Rai bauxite mining plant , a component of the Lam Dong aluminium bauxite complex in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong, exported 210,000 tonnes of alumina in the first half of this year, contributing 77 billion VND (3.6 million USD) to the State budget.

The plant exploited over 1.6 million tonnes of bauxite ore and produced more than 220,000 tonnes of alumina in the period.

According to the Vietnam Coal and Mineral Group (Vinacomin), the plant has seen positive signs in its consumption markets. Last year, it shipped over 160,000 tonnes alumina to Switzerland , Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea and Singapore.

The Lam Dong complex is hoped to produce about 540,000 tonnes of alumina and more than 800,000 tonnes of hydrate this year.-VNA