The smell of caramelised sugar fills the air in the craft village. Various steps are required to make the flavourful and crunchy crackers, together with secret techniques of the people of Tan Thanh.

Long grain young rice is mixed with ginger, onions, peanuts, sugar, and coconut juice to produce crackers of different flavours.

When the sugar caramelises, the rice is added and mixed evenly. This is the most important step, and has helped build the brand of Tan Thanh young rice crackers over the past 50 years.

Tan Thanh young rice crackers are famed for being crunchy, flavourful, and creamy. They are now sold on e-commerce marketplaces. Each family can produce up to 50 kg of the snacks per day. One kilo sells for more than 2 USD, helping local households earn a stable income.

A young rice cracker-making group of Tan Thanh women has 17 members. Many families are determined to expand production to meet market demand and keep the making of the traditional snacks alive in Ca Mau./.