To the people in Western Vietnam in general, fish sauce has been around since the time when their ancestors discovered this land. Fish sauce has become a familiar and important part of their life, it is also a must-have food for the international tourists in Vietnam.

There are countless dishes made from fish sauce but the most unique dish in U Minh is undeniably the Fish Sauce Hotpot.

The hotpot includes the special fish sauce and an abundance of fresh vegetables, which include common vegetables such as cabbage, coriander, green bananas, chili or garlic.

All of which are wild vegetables. Aside from them, there are also other ingredients to add to the flavor of the fish sauce hotpot such as corn, mushroom, fish and eel.

Whenever travelling to this location, aside from enjoying the vast array of delicious and distinct dishes, one must remember to try the Fish Sauce Hotpot./.