The Tay Ho Flea Market, which offers a variety of old and brand new junks that you may hardly find in any normal market, will be held on June 8.

The Tay Ho Flea Market this time will take place near the famous Quang Ba temple, just a few meters away from the beautiful lotus ponds in the West Lake .

More than for any goods or services, people often go to Tay Ho Flea Market looking for some cross-cultural and friendly atmosphere, a place with tons of fun.

Meanwhile, Tay Ho Weekend Market is where you can find some free-range chickens and eggs, organic-principle products, and particularly some unique take-away foods prepared by the dedicated Natural Vietnam team.

"We want to gradually redefine the concept of Flea Market here in Hanoi ," said Mai Gautier, the co-founder of both Tay Ho Weekend Market and Flea Market.-VNA