The southwest province of Tay Ninh and its neighbouring Cambodian province of Svayrieng along with the Ministries of Transport of Vietnam and Cambodia have agreed on the building of two goods storage sites for joint customs checks at the Moc Bai-Ba Vet border gates.

The sides will ask their respective governments for permission to go ahead with the construction, which is part of a bilateral project to apply the one-stop-shop customs check at border gates between the two countries.

The two sides have also agreed on the locations for the goods storage sites, which both are about 500m from the border gate, facilitating the work of customs officers when conducting joint checks on goods.

According to Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The, the congestion at the Moc Bai-Bavet has become more serious, affecting trade activities between the two countries.

The implementation of a one-stop-shop mechanism is urgent to ease congestion, reduce time for checking goods, and facilitate bilateral trade exchanges, he said, adding that the good storage sites should have all the necessary facilities for animal and plant quarantine with modern equipment.-VNA