Police forces of the southern province of Tay Ninh and Cambodian provinces of Pray Veng, Svay Rieng and Tboung Khmum will intensify anti-crime efforts under an agreement signed on June 24.

During the signing ceremony in Tay Ninh province, both sides agreed to address emerging border issues in the spirit of solidarity, friendship and mutual respect, while working to prevent bad elements from destroying border markers, speaking ill of the two governments or dividing the long-standing friendship between the two peoples.

They are set to fight crimes, especially those involving terrorism; drug, human and weapon trafficking; armed robbery; money laundering; cyber crime; smuggling; and trade fraud; and coordinate in tracking wanted criminals and facilitating cross-border trade and travelling for study and health examinations.

Since 2012, Tay Ninh police and their Cambodian counterparts have uncovered numerous criminal cases, arresting 12 drug traffickers and four arms dealers, rescuing 8 Vietnamese women sold to Cambodia and confiscating hundreds of stolen and ambiguously-sourced items along border areas.-VNA