Over 100 workers of Doosol Vina Ltd Co., in the southern province of Tay Ninh will receive local support after their Republic of Korea boss, Ra Moo-Guyn, took flight, leaving massive debts behind.

Doosol Vina, an industrial laundry company, owes more than 40 billion VND (2.5 million USD) in debt, including over 23,500 USD in salaries for August and September, more than 379,000 USD in social security payments for the past three years, and other liabilities.

The management board of Trang Bang industrial zone called upon the KoK Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City to summon the fugitive director to face his responsibilities.

The provincial police force also urged the Vietnam Immigration Department to prevent Moo-Guyn from leaving the country.

To ensure workers receive social security benefits, the local social insurance fund decided to suspend the overdue contributions to their social security accounts dating back to February 2011. Once the remaining premium is paid, workers’ social security status will be updated.-VNA