With 40 years organising extracurricular activities for local children, Mai Xuan Mui, former Deputy Director of Da Nang city Children’s Palace, has left a strong impression among his colleagues and generations of local kids.

Le Trung Chien has played his role of organising extracurricular activities for pupils in Tay Ho primary school in Hai Chau district, Da Nang city for a year. Since starting this job, he has received great support from Mai Xuan Mui, who he calls ‘Dad’ as looking up to him as a role model.

Mai Xuan Mui is now over 60. During 40 years working as an event organiser for children, he has choreographed more than 100 art performances for local kids. Until now, he still has fire in his soul when it comes to working with children.

This job requires working overtime often but the hardships doesn’t seem to bother him. He always comes to any school to help their staff organise events for pupils.

He might have retired at this age. Yet, with his passion for the job, Mai Xuan Mui still works as a consultant for Da Nang city in children’s event organisation and continues to inspires the next generation.-VNA