Teachers and educators nationwide, particularly those who are working in disadvantaged areas, were honoured in an exchange on November 19 on the occasion of the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day (November 20).

Officials from the Ministry of Education and Training and many central agencies joined outstanding teachers at the event.

The exchange gave viewers an insight into the hard work and devotion of teachers in remote and poor areas, where economic hardship and long distance discourage many children from going to school. In order to get the children to go to school, the teachers spend a lot of time and efforts to persuade children and their parents and try to find the best teaching way to stimulate students’ interest in learning.

Deputy Minister of Education and Training, Nguyen Vinh Hien affirmed the Vietnamese Party and State always value the key role of teachers in the success of education, adding that teachers should be the role model for students.

The Vietnamese Teachers’ Day (November 20) officially came into being in 1982.-VNA