The Fishery General Department reported remarkable growth in sea catches in the April - September season despite extraordinary weather and the increase in oil prices, with more than 1.5 million tonnes of seafood brought ashore, 4.24 percent above target.

Head of the Aquatic Resource Exploitation and Protection Department Dao Hong Duc attributed the growth to the establishment of fishing teams and co-operative groups and the linkage between fishermen and logistics service providers.

Duc also noted that many localities have encouraged their fishermen to use new fishing technologies and provided them with more information about fishing grounds.

As the October-March fishing season begins, local fisheries agencies are concerned about unfavourable weather and high oil prices.

They asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to give more assistance to fishermen in terms of technical transfer and training in upgrading ships and post-harvest preservation.

The Fishery General Department said it will build an off-shore fishing master plan and promote the model of “parent-subsidiary” ships among off-shore fishermen.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Vu Van Tam affirmed that marine fishing has created sustainable jobs and income for thousands of Vietnamese labourers, thus contributing to developing the country’s economy and defending national security and sovereignty at sea.-VNA