A fishing Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) has been installed on 20 fishing boats in the southern province of Tra Vinh as part of the project “surveillance system for fishing boats, fishing waters and fishery resources” (MOVIMAR) funded by France.

With this equipment, vessels will have a new channel to update information on hydro-meteorological forecasts, especially the presence of storms and tropical lows.

VMS will also provide fishermen with daily weather forecasts, including those of areas surrounding their fishing fields.

Fisherman Tran Van Hong said he was shown how to use the equipment after it was installed, and feels very secure when at sea for many days.

In case of an emergency, 15 seconds after a distress signal is sent, data will be sent to the monitoring centre and vessels in the area via the VMS for timely support, Hong added.

VMS also helps the fishermen inform the monitoring centre about aquatic productivity and variety for better harvests.-VNA