Telecoms carriers have to provide information on their own services’ quality in a “Management of service quality” section on their website, according to Circular No.08/2013/TT-BTTT of the Ministry of Information and Communications, which took effect on May 10.

The Ministry requires that licensed carriers open the “Management of service quality” section in their own websites, which must include the following information: Names of all telecoms services provided, Technical criteria for each service; Quality Record of all services offered by the carrier; periodical reports submitted to Authority of Telecommunications on quality of telecoms services; Results of regular tests on quality of telecoms services done by the carrier; Address, telephone number of contact persons dealing with customers’ complaints; Process of receiving and dealing customers’ complaints; Support information.

The carriers have to announce the quality of all services in the "List of required Quality control Telecommunications services". At the same time, they are also responsible for publishing self-applied standards for telecommunications services not included in the list.

The Ministry of Information and Communications also requires that telecommunications carriers put provisions on quality of services in their service contracts on postpaid services with customers.-VNA