The information and communications sector enjoyed a dramatic growth rate in 2009 amid global economic meltdown, as confirmed by Deputy Minister Tran Duc Lai on December 30.

He highlighted 10 major events in the year as follows:

1/ The law on Telecommunications and the law on Radio Frequencies were passed by the National Assembly and will come into force on July 1, 2010. It is designed to encourage different sectors to invest in telecommunications infrastructure projects and services, promote the use of advanced technologies and the efficient use of resources.

2/ Hanoi successfully hosted a World Information Technology Forum-2009 entitled “IT for sustainable development” from August 26-28, drawing over 1,500 Governmental officials and industry representatives from 70 countries and territories.

3/ A 7th grade student from the central city of Danang, Nguyen Dac Xuan Thao, won second prize at the 38th international letter-writing competition launched by the Universal Postal Union (UPU). It was the highest prize ever awarded to a Vietnamese student during the 20 years the country has entered the competition.

4/ 3G mobile technology was introduced to Vietnam, launching a revolution in one of the world’s most dynamic growing IT markets.

5/ The information technology and communication sector successfully held its first national awards, presenting 21 prizes to mobile information and internet services providers, the IT industry, IT human resource and IT applications.

6/ The Government announced its plans to introduce digital radio and television broadcasting technology. In the first phase, HDTV (high definition TV) and IPTV (Internet protocol TV) were introduced.

7/ The country took part in laying three major international sub-sea optic fibre cables, namely the Asia-American Gateway (AAG), the Trans-Asian Marine Cable System (IACS) and the Asian-Pacific Gateway (APG). As a result, the country has managed to make mobile information services available at sea and to its outer lying islands.

8/ A book on the Thang Long-Hanoi Millennium was published and Dang Thuy Tram’s diary was translated into Spanish and Lao for the first time.

9/ Digital signatures were deployed in Vietnam, helping with administrative reforms and speeding up e-commerce and e-Government.

10/ The first national contest on designs and layouts and an exhibition of the best newspapers and magazines were both held, drawing almost 1,000 entries. Of them 24 won prizes./.