Tenth National Party Congress hinh anh 1Former CPV General Secretary Nong Duc Manh(Source:VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) - Since its establishment, the Communist Party of Vietnam has held 11 Congresses. Each Congress is considered an important historical milestone in recognising the Vietnamese revolution’s victories, achievements and lessons.

The tenth National Party Congress looked to enhance the Party’s leadership and combative capacity, bring into full play the entire nation’s strength, comprehensively boost the renewal process and deliver the country from its underdeveloped status soon.

The tenth congress took place in Hanoi from April 18-25, 2006. It drew the participation of 1,176 delegates representing more than 3.1 million Party members nationwide.

The congress adopted the Political Report, the Report on Guidelines and Goals for Socio-Economic Development for 2006-2010, and the Report on Party Building, which were submitted by the ninth Party Central Committee.

The congress also approved the full text of the revised Statute of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

The documents adopted at the tenth congress were the result of the intelligence and will of the entire Party and people and the in-depth practical and theoretical summation of 20 years of renovation in order to continue completing and developing the renewal policy and standpoint in the current period of the country’s revolution.

The congress elected a new Party Central Committee for the tenth tenure, including 160 official members and 21 alternative members. Nong Duc Manh was re-elected as the CPV General Secretary.-VNA