Tet comes to the H’Mong village, Duong Thuong commune, Yen Minh district when the farming is done with corn and rice being completely harvested. H’Mong families celebrate the traditional New Year by using bamboo to clean the house and banish evil spirits. The year-end meal with the H’Mong people is very warm with traditional dishes such as men men, sticky rice, banh day, pork... Family members gather to wish each other a full and prosperous new year. 

Gau Tao Festival is a ritual to welcome the Tet of the H’Mong people. The festival is meant to bless the villagers for a new year with bountiful crops and full herd breedings. After the worshiping ceremony, there are cultural activities, traditional folk games such as fighting yen fruit, responsive singing, pushing sticks.... The sound of trumpets and love songs create a bustling atmosphere throughout the village during the Tet holidays. 

Nowadays life of the H’Mong people in Ha Giang has gradually been raised along with the change in awareness, many outdated customs have been eliminated. And the early Tet of the H’Mong people has always been a unique cultural beauty in the northernmost region of the country.