A fair entitled “Tet Festival Fair 2011” will take place in Hanoi from Jan. 20-31, according to Nguyen Van Tan, Director of the Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre.

Under the schedule, about 600 enterprises from many localities of the country will take part in the event.

The traditional fair will showcase commodities including food, clothing, beverages, household goods, gifts, fruit, flowers, decorative plants and creatures and specialities from the regions such as: Hoa Binh’s stem wine (wine drunk out of a jar through a stem), Nam Roi grapefruit, Dien grapefruit, Bo Ha oranges, Dong Soai sprouts, Bac Giang noodles, Thai Nguyen tea, Dien Bien rice and Uoc Le pork pies.

One of the most prominent features of the fair is an area of drinks showcasing the products of the Vietnam Alcohol – Beer and Beverage Association (VBA) with brands of popular beverage firms of Vietnam .

It aims to exchange experiences of management and manufacture between the firms and open up new business opportunities for the drinks sector of Vietnam .

Also in the framework of the fair, 25 enterprise groups of Myanmar will attend to show their commodities in 32 fair displays. This is expected to open effective business opportunities and prospects to develop bilateral trade between Vietnam and Myanmar. /.