Textile Sourcing 2016 kicks off, promoting Thai entrepreneurs to ASEAN hinh anh 1Source: thaipr.net

The Textile Sourcing 2016 was launched in Bangkok, Thailand, on September 3, bringing together more than 50 entrepreneurs and designers to update fashion trends and introduce new products to the global market.

The Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP) and the Thailand Textile Institute (THTI) have joined hands to hold the Textile Sourcing 2016, aiming at developing and promoting Thai fabrics to leading textile manufacturers of ASEAN in 2016.

Featured in the two-day event are a number of displays of the latest innovations of both eco-fabrics and functional fabrics, such as collagen-reinforced silk textiles, sportswear fabrics, ventilating fabrics and hemp knit fabrics.

One of the highlights is the display on newest fashion trends for autumn and winter. There were more than 1,000 entrepreneurs, designers, and interested people joining the fair on the first day.-VNA