Modern life and technology have brought many comforts to human kind. Many children in big cities miss out on childhood joys, replaced by lavish and hi-tech toys such as smart phones. However, for many people, simple and ordinary toys like bamboo dragonflies still hold some luster. 

About 35 km from Hanoi, Thach Xa village, Thach That district, Hanoi – a unique bamboo dragonfly-making village draws tourists by its eye-catching bamboo dragonflies, a familiar toy in many people’s childhood.

The bamboo dragonfly’s body after being cut by hand is attached with wings, helping to stabilise the dragonfly. This process also requires skillful hands because the amount of glue on the bamboo dragonfly will also effect its balance.

After being assembled with wings, the bamboo dragonflies will be dry out under the sun for a day, after that they are ready for coating.

Another day is needed for coated bamboo dragonflies to completely dry, then it’s time for the dragonflies to be beautified with glossy and eye-catching patterns.

A finished bamboo dragonfly costs only five thousand VND or 20 cents.

Today, smart phones or tablets are indispensable devices for many children in big cities and modern children miss out on greatest childhood joys. Meanwhile, in Thach Xa village we can see many children with bamboo dragonflies on their fingers playing cheerfully.

Thach Xa bamboo dragonflies are loved across the country and have been exported to many countries worldwide such as the US, Japan and the Republic of Korea, spreading a unique craft product of a Vietnamese village to international friends.-VNA