Thanks to scientific and technological achievements in production, crop and livestock restructuring in the Red River delta’s Thai Binh province has greatly improved economic efficiency. Report by the Vietnam Economic News.

Among hundreds of scientific topics and projects and thousands of innovations put into practice in Thai Binh province, the most prominent achievement is the research and test of 637 rice varieties and 282 varieties of other food crops. Through selection, six rice varieties have been put into production.

In terms of livestock and seafood breeding, the province has put new strains into production, such as pigs with high lean meat percentage, poultry, white butterfish, snake-head fish, bass, black shrimps, crabs, clams, oysters and turtles.

In addition, it has also applied new manufacturing process, such as integrated crop management (ICM), integrated pest management (IPM) and cleaner production. In particular, the province has built a seed processing plant based on European advanced technology with a capacity of 6,000-10,000 tonnes per year.

Thanks to scientific and technological achievements in rice production, Thai Binh province has a surplus of 400,000 tonnes of rice each year. In particular, it reaches an average productivity of 12-13 tonnes of rice per hectare per year.

All high-quality rice varieties have been cultivated in the province. For example, BC15 rice variety has been cultivated in An My (Quynh Phu), Bac Hai (Tien Hai) and Thanh Tan (Kien Xuong) communes, bringing a value of 80-90 million VND (3,900-4,400 USD) per hectare per year.

The bass, tilapia and mud clam breeding model in Thai Thuy District has strongly developed in recent years. Nguyen Van Lieu from Thuy Lien commune, Thai Thuy district, said the breeding model was implemented based on research results. He raised 1,665 bass, 2,500 tilapia and 500kg of mud clams on a total area of 5,000sq.m. After nine months, total production of about 1.8 tonnes of bass, one tonne of tilapia and over 1.6 tonnes of mud clams brought him 150 million VND in revenue or 50 million VND of profit. In other communes, the model has greatly improved economic efficiency.

Since implementing the project on applying scientific and technological achievements in production, households in An Binh commune, Kien Xuong district has got out of poverty. Hong Tien, Vu Binh, Thanh Ne, Quang Trung and Tra Giang communes have applied a turtle raising model and achieved considerable success.-VNA