The Thai Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) is confident that the country’s export of frozen chicken to Japan will top 500,000 tonnes this year thanks to Japan ’s decision to lift its ban on Thai chicken late last year.

DITP Director General Nuntawan Sakuntanaga revealed after the Japan–Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement (JTEPA) meeting last week that both countries expected to see an increase of 5 percent in their two-way trade, especially in textile and poultry industries.

She said the Japanese side is targeting to import 500,000 tonnes of chicken products from Thailand , 300,000 tonnes of which will be fresh frozen chicken and the rest processed chicken; valued at 70-80 billion THB in total.

For textile products, the industry is aiming for a 9 percent export growth, believing that there will be a continuous rise in demands from Europe, Japan , and the US , added Miss Nuntawan./.