The Berli Jucker Corporation (BJC), a leading retailer of Thailand, is implementing new plans to penetrate Vietnam’s retail market, with a contract worth from 1 to 3 billion Baht (about 32 – 96 million USD), President of the BJC’s Management Board Aswin Techajaroenvikul said on August 29.

If the contract is signed with a Vietnamese retail corporation, the BJC will expand the supply network to 200,000 stores from the current 50,000, becoming a leading supplier in Vietnam , an important step to expand its retail system in all member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Its annual sales in Vietnam are expected to reach 5 billion Baht, up 150 percent.

The Thai corporation now owns a glass factory and a tissue factory in Vietnam . It holds many opportunities to develop consumer products in the country.

The BJC is seen as one of the big businesses in the retail industry in Thailand , with a staff of 50,000 people. Its annual turnover is about 10 billion Baht.-VNA