As spring comes with apricot trees blossoming white in northwestern forests, Thai villagers flock to the home of their witch doctor to hold a special ceremony called xen lau no.

Xen lau no, which means offering rice wine in the bamboo shoot season in Thai language, is a unique ceremony dedicated to ong mot (witch doctor) who are highly respected in the Thai community for curing sick persons.

"All items for the ritual are brought from Son La province so that participants could have the most realistic experiences when attending the ceremony," said the head of the Heritage Management Division of Son La’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ngo Thi Hai Yen.

The ceremony is held for three days between the 3rd and 15th of the first lunar month at the home of the mo mot. It is an important event in the spiritual life of the Thai during which the group honors their original belief and cultural traditions.

Xen lau no is an original belief activity of the Thai to honor witch doctors who are not only the spiritual leaders of the Thai community but also folklore singers and dancers who help promote and preserve the group’s cultural values.

Nguyen Thi Nga, a visitor from Hanoi, said: "This is my first time here. I found the activity very interesting."

"By participating in the event, I have gained knowledge on Thai ethnic people and also other communities residing in the village," Nga added.

Visitors to the culture village will also have chances to experience other interesting activities, including traditional customs of different ethnic groups.

The culture village is a popular destination for recreation, sports and cultural activities and continues to promote the cultural values of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities.-VNA