Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce has adjusted its estimation of Thai export for this year to no less than 20 percent thanks to the reviving global economy and growing exports to many countries.

According to Commerce Minister Pornthiva Nakasai, export growth is projected to stand at more than 20 percent by year's end, with a value of 183 billion USD. The sector was previously expected to rise by 19 percent.

Trade across the region has shown growth. Exports from Thailand to the US are likely to rise from 12 percent to 20 percent, China from 30 percent to 50 percent and within the ASEAN region from 27.3 percent to 30 percent.

The ambitious estimation of more than 20 percent growth comes after the Department of Export Promotion resolved to launch more marketing activities in the latter half of this year to bolster ongoing economic recovery.

Emphasis will be put towards Asian countries such as China , Japan , India , and ASEAN, as well as other countries with strong potential for economic development./.