Thai rice exporters are to join hands with their Commerce Ministry in a bid to secure a huge rice contract with the Philippines after the country called an auction for the purchase of 500,000 tonnes of 25-percent broken rice.

Vietnam , which used to be the supplier, is expected to join the auction, however, it will not be able to buy all of it and there will be a good chance for Thailand to fill the void as Thai rice is currently 20 USD per tonne, President of Thai Rice Exporters Association Charoen Laothammathat said in the PBS television bulletin.

Thailand expects to export between 700,000-800,000 tonnes of rice per month for the remaining five months as Vietnam does not have enough supply while demand in Malaysia , the Philippines and Indonesia remains high, he said.

It is forecast that Thailand will ship more than 9 million tonnes of rice this year, beyond the target set earlier./.