The Thai Cabinet has approved two tax measures related to tourism in a bid to help support the sector’s expansion.

The measures, proposed by the Finance Ministry, consist of tax exemption for domestic seminars and tax privileges for the tourism industry.

The two measures are hoped to help increase the income of tour agencies and motivate tourism entrepreneurs to invest in developing their properties.

The Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) earlier revealed that competitiveness of the country in tourism in the ASE AN region was still behind that of Malaysia due to negative factors in terms of security and political uncertainty.

Last year Malaysia attracted the highest number of ASEAN tourists of 25 million while Thailand ranked second with 22 million visitors, followed by Singapore at 14 million, the TCC said in a report. The nation's projection of the number of ASEAN tourists in the year 2015 is at 27 million which would translate into 1.22 trillion THB in revenue. In 2020 the number could be as high as 1.65 trillion THB with 34.5 million travellers.-VNA