The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs has met with foreign ambassadors in order to create an understanding of the current political situation and stress the government’s need to activate the Internal Security Act (ISA) in more areas.

After a meeting with ambassadors from 56 countries and representatives from six international organisations, Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs Sihasak Phuangketkeow said the discussion was arranged to give the attendants a clear picture of the Thai political situation at present. He confirmed that all clarifications were made based on facts.

The meeting also echoed Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s previous statement that her government respected people’s freedom of expression. However, it was emphasised that there was a need to impose the ISA in all areas of Bangkok and some parts of the vicinities since the law would allow security officials to fully perform their tasks amid the intensified demonstrations by anti-government groups.

Mr Sihasak added that the government had asked for cooperation from the attendants in presenting news on Thai politics accurately so as to stave off impacts on Thailand’s economy and tourism.

According to the Permanent Secretary, a total of 23 countries have issued travel warnings for their citizens planning to visit Thailand . The warnings, however, do not prohibit the people from entering Thailand but merely urge them to avoid demonstration areas.-VNA