Bangkok (VNA/NNT)Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce is pushing for Thai durian exports to Hong Kong following an increase in Malaysian durian's market share.

Minister of Commerce Apiradee Tantrapporn said she had instructed the international trade promotion office in Hong Kong to survey local people's durian consumption in order to make a plan to increase Thai durian exports, especially processed durians, to the market. Processed durian became more popular there.

The minister said "Mon Thong ” and "Kan Yao" durians are the most popular in Hong Kong with a market share of 95 percent. The current value of Thai durian exports is 307 million USD.

However, a survey found that the market share of durian exports from Malaysia had increased fast in the Hong Kong market, from 5.91 percent in 2011 to 25 percent in 2015.-VNA