The Sub-Committee on Solutions to Human Trafficking, Child Labor, Forced Labor and Migrant Workers has had a brief meeting to ensure that all government units were working on the same track in line with the Prime Minister’s policy.

Minister of Labour Gen Surasak Karnjanarat revealed after chairing the meeting that the Sub-Committee was putting more efforts in the suppression of human trafficking, especially in the fishery sector where illegal labor is mainly employed.

He said inspections of fishing boats are joint responsibities of all units concerned with the Royal Thai Navy taking the leading role. Inspections will be taken in earnest on fishing boats that always moor offshore to avoid official inspections. On the part of the Labour Ministry, four more inspector’s teams have been added, raising the total number of the teams to 26 currently.

The Labour Ministry will see to it that the Employment Department works separately from recruitment agencies in order to prevent them from seeking benefit from legal loopholes.

With the stringent law enforcement, Gen Surasak is confident that malpractice in the labour sector will decrease while the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) is closely monitoring and taking to task government officials who are involved in human trafficking.-VNA