The SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Center of Thailand (SACICT) has launched the “Capital of Arts & Crafts” campaign with the purpose of expanding the Thai handicraft market to foreign countries.

The “Capital of Arts & Crafts” campaign is aimed at creating an alliance network of economic partnership, as well as cooperation between manufacturers, villages, communities and cities in the development of Thai handicrafts under the support of SACICT in collaboration with its foreign allies.

Additionally, the SACICT has joined forces with the Takefu Knife Village in Echizen City of the Fukui prefecture, a world-renowned knife-making town in Japan, to develop product quality, design and usage while also working together to expand into international markets.

The project, which aims to make the product more diverse and attractive to meet future market demands, will be piloted in the Aranyik Knife Market in Ayutthaya province.

Surveys indicated that the Aranyik knives are a demonstration of the unique identity of a long-standing local wisdom. Meanwhile, the Aranyik Knife Market will also be promoted as a new provincial travel destination.-VNA/NNT