Thailand’s newly-elected Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha received a royal endorsement for a 32-member interim cabinet, including five deputy prime ministers.

Eleven cabinet members are incumbent or retired senior military and public security officials; the other 21 cabinet members are civilians, including two women.

The five deputy prime ministers are Prawit Wongsuwan, who also acts as Defence Minister, Foreign Minister Tanasak Patimapakorn, Pridiyathorn Devakula, Yongyuth Yutthawong and Wissanu KreaNgam.

The military and public security generals hold additional important functions in the new cabinet, including ministers of justice, commerce, transport, natural resources and environment, labour, and education, with General Anupong Paochinda acting as the Minister of Interior Affairs.

Earlier that day, General Prayuth Chan-ocha was sworn in as the interim Prime Minister of Thailand.-VNA