Minister of Interior Gen Anupong Paojinda has approved the pending residency requests from foreigners, creating confidence towards foreigners who are seeking legal employments and investments in Thailand.

The minister revealed that the current government's policy will be supporting businesses and investments from foreigners in Thailand, as the Thai economy still requires international investment and expertise to increase the nation’s capabilities in its economic, social, and innovative development.

He has said that from these reasons, he has signed the approval of residency permits for foreigners in Thailand, who have passed the Immigration Commission's consideration. This policy aims to generate confidence and attract foreigners who are interested to work or invest legally in Thailand.

The approved permit consists of 565 pending requests and 115 new requests from the consideration of the Immigration Commission’s 1/2015 meeting on 16 March 2015. Most of the requests being made are for employment and humanitarian purposes, such as to stay with families, and special cases such as those who have contributed for the benefits of Thailand, and for purposes of investment.

Consideration quota will include the subject's income, knowledge, professional skills, national security conditions, economic conditions, social conditions, and their country of origin's government policies.

Minister Anupong Paojinda further stated that the residency permit for foreigners has been thoroughly considered, which will demonstrate the government’s intention in welcoming foreigners who qualify regulations in order to legally reside in Thailand with ease and security, and for the benefits of the nation.-VNA