The northern province of Thai Nguyen is exerting every effort to improve the living standards of Mong ethnic minority people and ensure their safety and social order.

The Mong community is spread over 47 hamlets in Vo Nhai, Phu Luong, Dinh Hoa and Dong Hy districts. Nine of these contain over 70 percent of poor households, while 20 others are home to 40 percent of families living under the poverty line.

The statistics were revealed at a conference on April 23, where participants discussed the problem and its solutions. They said the low economic starting point, out-of-date manufacturing techniques and geographical distance from trade centres were to blame for the high ratio of people suffering from poverty.

The ethnic group has yet to receive much assistance from businesses and organisations in and out of the locality, they added.

It was suggested that training courses should be opened for the Mong people to be updated on science-technology and cultivation techniques, while traditional cultural values of ethnic minority groups should be promoted through festivals.

On the occasion of the conference, local authorities presented 17 gifts for Mong ethnic people who made great contributions to local poverty reduction efforts.

Thai Nguyen is home to seven ethnic minority groups residing in 1,985 hamlets with over 660,000 people, making up nearly 60 percent of the total provincial population.-VNA