Thai PM emphasizes drought fighting measures hinh anh 1Thai PM Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha speaks at an event on drought fighting measures (Photo:
Bangkok (NNT/VNA) - The Thai government is now working on its drought mitigation and water saving plans for this year’s dry season, expected to be the worst in 20 years.

It is asking all agencies to increase water retention areas to increase availability.

Thai Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has delivered policies for drought disaster mitigation and rainwater collection in the upcoming rainy season, in a meeting attended by government agencies, provincial governors, and local administrations.

He said the government is focusing on rainwater collection to provide water resources during the drought, as well as the mitigation of the drought disaster due to insufficient water availability.

The Prime Minister said the King and the Queen have expressed their concerns, and have ordered the government to continuously address the issue.

It is expected this year’s drought disaster could be the worst in 20 years, and will inevitably cost the country 0.11 percent of its GDP. The government has studied some 450 projects, now materializing, to help increase water availability by about seven billion cubic meters.

The Prime Minister added the Office of National Water Resources have been making plans to mitigate a possible rain shortage this year, by urgently constructing new water retention areas in time for the upcoming rainy season.

These 1,320 projects should be commenced immediately, and be completed in June. The new water retention areas are intended to collect and store 276 million cubic meters of water.

The government is also communicating with villagers on the latest water situation, and the government’s solutions to mitigate the impact of water shortage./.