Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has expressed the government's determination to suppress narcotics in the year 2013 by adhering to legal principles and making strict use of the law.

Yingluck asserts the government has marked the narcotics issue as a national agenda that must be tackled by every sector in society. She indicates that due to such an effort, the severity of the narcotics problem has begun to decline.

According to the PM, authorities will put emphasis on four aspects, including prevention of individuals becoming involved in narcotics, overseeing the narcotics-prone areas and monitoring factors that contribute to narcotics involvement, prevention of relapses, and protecting communities from the threat of narcotics.

As for the planned declaration of the ASEAN region as a narcotics-free area in 2015, the Thai government is making contributions to this goal by promoting alternative development policies and the sufficiency economy philosophy among its neighbours and by sharing intelligence that assists interception of narcotics within airports.

The latter scheme is an international collaboration between ASEAN countries and China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea.-VNA