Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on November 19 said she will not dissolve the House of Representatives or step down in the face of anti-government protests.

The Prime Minister announced at the Government House that she has not taken into account either the dissolution of the lower house or the resignation as head of the government in the wake of the failed amnesty bill.

The government is obviously capable of running the country, and undue changes of the government will only impair the consistency of the government performances in the interests of the people and country, she said

Yingluck called on all parties to calm down, abide by the laws and ensure that their movements, either in favour of the government or in opposition to it, will be carried out in reasonable and peaceful fashion.

Yingluck’s statements were made only one day before the Thai Constitutional Court gives its importance judgment on if efforts of the government to amend the 2007 Constitution are constitutional.

The government is countering protests exploded over the past three weeks. About 2,500 anti-government protestors have gathered in Bangkok, according to the Thai police.-VNA