Thailand’s caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on January 11 called on the military to mediate talks with protestors to find a way to end the ongoing political conflict, a local broadcaster has said.

She insisted to stay on as caretaker prime minister to push ahead the February 2 election and pave the way for national reform, according to the Thai Public Broadcasting Service.

Yingluck said her government is ready for dialogue with the protesters of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), which plans to paralyze Bangkok by occupying several major roads and intersections in the capital from January 13 onward.

She said the government is willing to give any support to the military if it can mediate talks between the government and the protesters.

She reiterated that a national reform must be done in parallel with a general election, rejecting the PDRC’s call for a national reform before a poll.

Yingluck said her government supports a national reform but said a reform process will take years, so it cannot be carried out before the next general election, which is scheduled on February 2.

She said the military’s main duty is to protect the country but given the current situation it could also play a role as a mediator. The government is ready to support any party that can help start dialogue with protesters, she said.-VNA