Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on December 9 announced the dissolution of the House of Representatives, adding that elections will be held as soon as possible to put an end to the current political crisis in the country.

Speaking on the national television, the PM said her government has committed itself to addressing the crisis in every way possible to promote social reconciliation since it took office in August, 2011. However, divergence and conflicts still exist and political forces keep battling, causing damage to the country, she said, affirming that the House of Representatives will be dissolved to hand over power to the people and let them decide the way out of the crisis.

Yingluck said she made the decision after consulting many political groups and the decision is now awaiting royal approval.

However, leaders of anti-government demonstrations declared that they will continue with the planned large scale rally on December 9 despite the PM’s announcement. Demonstrators have gathered in many places since early morning to prepare for a march to the government house.

Protest leaders said the House of Representatives dissolution is not enough and demanded that the government resign after the dissolution.-VNA