Several provinces in Thailand have issued warning to its residents against heavy rain and flood.

The flooding in Chumphon province has yet to improve, as raining has not yet stopped.

In Ban Phaeng district of Nakhon Phanom, about 30 homes have been flooded by forest runoff from the Phu Langga mountain range, after a period of ceaseless downpours. Roads and hundreds of rai of rice paddy have also been submerged.

In Chumphon, the provincial administration has extended its flood warning as heavy rains continued to contribute to the water level. It also warned that the rain could trigger forest runoffs and landslides in Phato district.

In Phang-nga province, soldiers from the Wiphawadi Rangsit Camp in Suratthani were deployed along the sea wall in Takuapa district, which has been damaged by relentless tidal waves over the past week.

The soldiers have surveyed the damage to plan the urgent repairs to the sea wall, which would have to be reinforced within two days before high tides arrive and sweep into the hotels, restaurants and other establishments along the tourism hotspot.-VNA/NNT