Thailand' rice exports in July 2014 surged to record high in three years after almost one million tons of rice were shipped out, according to the Rice Exporters Association of the country.

The country shipped 941,691 tonnes of rice worth 14.4 billion THB (43.6 million USD) in July, increasing the total volume of rice exports in the first seven months of this year by 5.62 million tonnes with the value of 90.85 billion THB.

Rice exports have been on upward trend since June as the price of Thai rice became competitive to rivals, coupled with clearer policies on the management of the government’s stockpile, president of the association Chaoren Laothamatas was quoted as saying.

It is expected that Thai rice exports this year should reach 10 million tonnes.

Over the first seven months of this year, Thailand exported 5.62 million tonnes, up 55.5 percent from 3.61 million tonnes in the same period of last year. The value of 90.85 billion THB rose by 20.6 percent from 75.368 billion THB.-VNA