Thai smartphone users ready for 5G technology hinh anh 1Most of Thai smartphone users expect 5G technology will become popular in a couple of years.
(Photo: The Nation)

Bangkok (VNA) – Most of Thai smartphone users expects 5G technology will become popular in the couple of years, and half of them will change service providers within six months if their current mobile operator does not provide 5G, new ConsumerLab study 5G Consumer Potential by Ericsson revealed.

Wuttichai Wutti-Udomlert, head of network solutions at Ericsson Thailand, said the 5G network was laid down in the Republic of Korea earlier this year, and it is being used in the US and most the Europe. Therefore, local operators are encouraged to develop 5G infrastructure in Thailand.

There is growing awareness about 5G technology globally, he said, adding that average mobile data usage with 5G may increase 10-fold to 70 GB per month in Thailand.

Thai mobile users are also willing to pay 30 percent more for selected 5G services, and consumers are looking for new 5G-ready applications and services. Many believed that 5G connectivity in vehicles will be as important as fuel efficiency.

Wuttichai said the 5G subscription take-up will be faster than 4G as it will offer new provisions for various sectors like automotive, healthcare and entertainment.

Ericsson’s survey shows that there will be some 1.9 billion 5G subscribers globally in the next five years, and that in Thailand the technology will also be applied in the business world.

Up to 65 percent of the global population will use 5G, and 95 percent of data traffic will be transmitted via 5G technology by 2024.

There are about 7.9 billion mobile subscribers across the world while the global population as of April 2019 stood at 7.7 billion. Around 47 percent use the 4G-LTE network.-VNA